The Chinansi Foundation


CHINANSI respects high integrity and human dignity. In that regards all programmes the organization does are not discriminatory and do not stigmatize. All people are treated in the same way at CHINANSI and it provides equal opportunities to all people it serves. CHINANSI serves its people with honesty, truthfulness, honor, reliability and veracity.


This is one of the fundamental principles of CHINANSI. All matters apply this principle. All projects implemented by CHINANSI are done in transparent and accountable manner thus planning, designing; Implementing and monitoring projects are done with involvement of all the stakeholders.


CHINANSI responds to gender issues with over 60%.Malawi’s population has large population of female and to have a meaningful representation of females, the organization has developed affirmative action by making sure that starting from the planning, designing, implementation and beneficiary levels females get 60% representation. Currently out of the 12 senior staff of CHINANSI, 8 are females including the Programmes Manager who is the second in command after the Executive Director.


In order to have meaningful impact on all programmes the organization does, time management becomes essential. In this regard CHINANSI sticks to time and completes its programme as scheduled to avoid outliving the importance of the designed programmes. This means therefore that most of the activities the organization does are timely.


CHINANSI respects high integrity and human rights dignity. All issues regarding human rights are being adhered to and protected. CHINANSI has policies that creates favorable environment to all people regardless of their social orientations. People living positively, those with disability, OVCs and Prisoners are given special focus and attention.Infact CHINANSI mission is to contribute towards allevaing human suffering and social injustices such people face.


CHINANSI respects people’s cultures and beliefs. This is so as it believes that heritage riches do pass through one generation to the other in the same way. However it facilitates to revision and modification of some harmful cultural practices by advocating and lobbying with key policy holders and custom custodians for changes. Cultural Competence helps in building a dynamic society and strengthening the same helps in sustainability of projects as people feel at home with projects that are done in respect of their customs.


CHINANSI believes in contact and dialogue and that all issues should have the approach of mutual understanding. This helps in having collective efforts and promotes peace and tranquility amongst communities.”The more people understand each other, the more united they become, the more they achieve their goals”


CHINANSI respects the wishes of the people it serves. In that regards most of its programmes are demand driven. It does not believe in imposing programme to the communities for such lack community ownership but rather it promotes bottom up approaches. Most communities are the ones that demand and CHINANSI does that to address the need.