The Chinansi Foundation


Chinansi is implementing the Gogo Msamalira Ana [Grandmothers caring for OVCS with support from the Stephen Lewis Foundation.The project is implemented in 4 villages of Sawali,Mthumba,Mpezeni and Pilitu.

The project Goal: to support the education and welfare of the orphaned children and empower the grandmothers to enable them achieve their full potential in life and at the same time to lessen the burden that grandmothers face when caring the OVCs

Currently the project has given out 40 goats [she/he] to 20 grandmothers,2 bags of fertilisers to each of the gogos,10 kgs of maize seed each and a working capital for small businesses of MWK20,000 to each of the 20 Gogos.Gogo Msamalira Ana is also supporting 40 schoolchildren [20 at primary and another 20 at secondary]

The First phase of the project runs from June 2010 to May 2011 with support from the Stephen Lewis Foundation."Am a grandmother looking after 16 grandchildren and some of them living positively hence the support i get through Chinansi helps me support these orphans" said Gogo Rhoda Masese during the M & E visit of the SLF team of Idah Mukuka and Abdulai Suleimana on 11th March 2011


Gogos and OVCs at Mthumba Village

CHINANSI thinks that orphans and grand mothers need to be assisted concurrently. ¡§Putting children at one center and calls them Orphans increases their vulnerability as they grow up identifying themselves as such¡¨ says Simplex Chithyola, The Executive Director of CHINANSI Foundation. He says when an orphan is being raised in his or her own homestead with grannies he enjoys the privileges of the same cultures and tradition and as such it minimizes their vulnerability. It is against this back ground that CHINANSI with support from Stephen Lewis Foundation are doing the Gogo Msamalira Ana Project. The project is aimed at supporting the education and welfare of orphaned children and to empower grandmothers to enable them to achieve their full potential in life and at the same time to lessen the burden that grandmothers face when caring the OVCs.In Balaka just like many districts in Malawi there are many children headed households. Its either you find child headed households and/or grand mother headed households that are dire need of support for their livelihoods.
„« Gogo Msamalira Ana trains grandmothers as care givers to care and support orphaned children and people living with HIV/AIDS
„« The project provides training in farming and business skills and sustains their economic and food independence.
„« Gogo Msamalira Ana advocates for change of polices and practices on orphans adoption, property inheritance, care and support towards the elderly.
Gogo Msamalira Ana is supporting twenty grandmothers with farm inputs (fertilizer, seeds and livestock) and provide them starter up capital for small scale business and the project is also paying fees and school supplies for forty (40) orphans and vulnerable children. The project is benefiting four villages of Mpezeni, Sawali, Mthumba and Pilitu in Balaka district. In the end the supported orphaned school children will realize their right to education and improve their life and to positively contribute towards community and national development. In this cause Gogo Msamalira Ana is contributing towards improving the living standards of grandmothers and orphaned children and enhances their capacities in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Project Period:12 months (June 2010 to May 2011)
Funded By:       Stephen Lewis Foundation

Amount of Funds:  CAD$ 34,000

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