The Chinansi Foundation

Issues we work on

The Chinansi Foundation deals with a number of issues but these have been put categorically into four major issues as outlined below:

1] Environmental  Management:-

Under this programme chinansi deals with issues of conserving environment, and sustaining food security at household and community levels.Farmers and community members are trained and equipped with knowledge and skills in rain water harvesting,fish farming,conservation agriculture i.e manure making,Bee Keeping,Paprika and Chillies growing and how to make nutritious food.

Main Objectives of this programme is :- To contribute towards sustainable environmental management, Climate change mitigation, food security for socio-economic development of ordinary people.

2] HIV/AIDS,Governance & Women Empowerment

 Under this programme Chinansi looks at issues of HIV/AIDS,Governance and Women Empowerment.Grand mothers who are looking after the OVCs are trained in HIV/AIDS management,Modern Farming,Care and Support and are given farm inputs to support their livelihood.

Women are trained on governance issues like right to development,promotion of women into decision making positions,Democracy and capacity building of the community and local structures

Main Objective of the programme is :-To contribute toward the improvement of quality of life of infected and affected people, promote gender and human rights and improve collective participation on developmental activities.

3]  Education& Health

 Under this programme Chinansi looks at issues of improving service delivery and quality of both health and Education.School Management Committees are trained on school governance,REFLECT,and resource Mobilization at Community levels.The programme focuses much on girl child education as this is the area that has been neglected for quite some time.

On Health Chinansi works on promotion of the safe motherhood and  under five clinics.Rural women are dying of pregnancy complications while the mortality and morbidity rates are increasing there is need for the rural NGOs and other players to intensify their advocacy and lobbying work for change of mindset and improved and increased allocation to rural health center where the populous live and can ably access the facilities if indeed our fight against the said things is to be meaningful.

Under the same programme Chinansi implements the education support which supports the Orphans and Vulnerable Children with school fees and supplies.Notebooks,pens and others are given to the most deserving children.The Organization also advocates for the improved conditions for the teachers and training of many teachers to improve quality and reduce the teacher-pupil ratio which is very big.

Main Objective of the programme is :-To contribute towards quality service delivery on education and health for improved living standards.

 4] Youth & Child Development

Under this programme Chinansi deals with youth & Child friendly  programmes in life skills,Vocational skills,recreations and the ECD.Child protection are part of the programmes and we lobby for child friendly activities and policies that upholds and consolidate child rights.We fight Child Labour and trafficking.

Main Objective of the programme:-To contribute toward realization of youth and children rights and facilitate for their psycho- social development