The Chinansi Foundation


  One major Challenges rural farmers face is how to sustain and improve their livelihood. In recent years, there has been tremendous achievement towards food security, but the cash crops seemed to fetch poor market prices as most of the farmers depended on tobacco and Cotton among others. Without realizing much they used to sell the maize [Malawi’s Staple Food] and this resulted in shortage of food to some families towards the end of the year. Since CHINANSI deals with small holder farmers, it came up with other alternatives that would compliment to government efforts by ensuring livelihood security at small holder household level. One such intervention is the growing of Paprika and tomatoes which have ready market. Balaka geographically has hot weather which is favorable to Paprika, Bird Eye Chillies and Tomatoes. The Livelihood Security Project [LISEP] aims at empowering farmers with skills and knowledge on how to ensure food and economic sustenance at household level.In this pilot project 2000 farmers are engaged in paprika production, Tomato and maize growing, covering over 30 villages. It is expected that over 75,000 farmers will benefit from this project by the year 2013. In the project Farmers are provided with farm inputs, fertilizer and seeds and Chinansi encourages them to use and promote organic farming that would reduce harmful chemicals that are always in the crops if used excessive chemicals.

LISEP among others:-

  • Trains farmers in Paprika Production
  • Trains farmers in Tomato growing
  • Promote use of organic manure
  • Trains farmers in livestock production
  • Train farmers in Fish Farming

 Project Period:           Open

Project Partner:          Africa Invest and Others