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Your support no matter how little it may be will still go a long way in making a difference in peoples lives. CHINANSI believes in providing Simple Solutions that make big changes for a better life of the ordinary people. Your support will be appreciated and acknowledgment will be made. 

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Malawi, often described as ďthe warm heart of AfricaĒ, because of the warm welcome everyone receives from itís people, is among one of the poorest countries in the world.***

The volunteer programs will be based in the Balaka District of Malawi, situated nearby to some of Malawiís biggest tourist attractions such as Monkey Bay and the National Reserve Park. The demographic of the Balaka district varies, ranging from the town center to smaller, more resort villages. Balaka depends on the programs offered by organizations, such as The Chinansi Foundation, to help alleviate the vast array of social injustices that the people face daily. Such as, food insecurity, environmental degradation, poor health standards, poor education system (especially regarding young girls), issues with water and sanitation, poor livelihood of orphaned vulnerable children (OVCs), and the alarming prevalence of HIV and AIDS.

The Chinansi Foundation Projects

Sustainable Agriculture Project. This project helps to eradicate poverty and hunger within the area by giving the tools and knowledge for families to sustain a reliable food source for themselves through the use of manure making, bee keeping, the building of fish farms, as well as like-stock production.

Health Education Project. This project focuses mainly on safe motherhood and environmental health issues

         Education Support Program. By helping to provide support for paying school fees (something that proves to be extremely difficult in Balaka) and focusing on girl-child education, this program helps the youth of Balaka remain in school with the supplies that they need in order for them to successfully complete their education aiding their future.

          Tsogolo Lathu Children Project.  Even with outside support, for some, schooling is not a possibility. Chinansiís Tsogolo Lathu project aims to help to aid these childrenís futures as well by educating them in life skills and tools so that they may take what they have learned and apply it to a useful job that will in turn help to support themselves and their families financially.

         Gogo Msamalira Ana Project. The most dear to heart project for Chinansi is for the Gogoís of Balaka, which means grandmothers. Due to HIV/AIDS, there a countless number of orphaned children, most of whom as then left to be cared for by their elderly grandmothers. Some grandmotherís in Balaka are forced to take care of 10 to 15 children at times. This project aims to alleviate some of the burden that these Gogoís then suffer from by providing monetary loans for times of need, HIV/AIDS education. **

Your Role as a Volunteer

You will work from our volunteer base and main headquarters located in Balaka. The length of your stay will depend on the individual. We would request a stay of at least 2 weeks. You will work in teams with Chinansi Foundation staff members and members of the local community for a variety of projects that we have to offer. Some of the roles and work that would be required from our volunteers are as follows:

 Providing education of life skills to youths in the area.

         Providing HIV/AIDS prevention courses to village communities.

         Building fish farms in surrounding villages.

 Project Support

Throughout your stay in Malawi, support and guidance for you will be provided of our organization and staff as well as members of the community. The Chinansi Foundation will provide you with competent assistance in whatever program you choose to work with and help you to answer any questions you may have or advice you may need during your stay with us.


A fluency in English is necessary.


No qualifications are necessary in order to participate in Chinansiís volunteer program.

Project Accommodations

Our volunteers share a home close to the main center of Balaka. The home is has a large and spacious main area, kitchen (supplies and refrigerator included), a bathroom (with toilet and shower) with running water, as well as a large backyard.  Included in the cost of your volunteer visit, all meals will be provided for you, 7 days a week at this home.

 Free Time

As forementioned, Balaka is situated close by to almost all of Malawiís main tourist attractions. Public transport is available for you to visit all of them safely. On your days off of our volunteer project, feel free to enjoy all that Balaka has to offer! Visit the always busy market, selling fresh food and goods, the many lodges that surround the outskirts of the district where football games may be watched and a cold beverage can be had!


Depending on your desired time of volunteer stay, the cost varies. Please send us an e-mail to for further information.