The Chinansi Foundation


Over 60% of Malawi’s population is comprised of the youths and young people. As such for most meaningful developmental activities to take place there is need to include them at every level. However most of these youths are affected by high rate of unemployment as most of them are coming out of school and that there is not much job to consume all of them. CHINANSI under its Youth and Early Child Development has programmes that address some of their needs and among them are:-

  • Training in tinsmiths
  • Training in brick laying
  • Training in carpentry
  • Training in life skills
  • Training in HIV/AIDS management

 CHINANSI is also establishing Youth Clubs at community levels which will make them busy and avoid engaging into immoralities. At the secretariat CHINANSI works with over 78 Youths who among other conduct Career Talks, sports and cleaning. These youths do also assist at Balaka District Hospital with cleaning works. Very soon CHINANSI shall build a resource centre that would be stocked with resources that are youth friendly that would help address some of the problems youths are facing.